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Unbridle your Potential!!
Exciting new workshops with Equine Assisted Coaching


What is Equine Assisted Coaching?

Horses have been gifted with incredibly intuitive and energetic abilities because of their prey animal instincts. 
​Nature has provided them with strong survival instincts and through these gifts, they help and guide us to a deeper learning of ourselves. 
In an Equine Assisted Coaching Session,  you build a strong and lasting partnership with a horse, or several, through specially designed activities.  These activities build and enhance your innate leadership skills.  
Great leadership embodies so many qualities we all strive to have.  Presence, knowledge, courage, compassion, understanding, confidence are just a few.   Horses seek these characteristics in us and through their guidance, we become the partner they need us to be.

To learn more about Leading Edge Equine Coaching and Monique Gerber click below: 

Active Senior Couple

I have joined with Monique Gerber from Leading Edge Equine to create
a series of Magical Transformative Experiences.
Together, Monique and I have created life changing retreats that blend Meditation, Movement, Insight Tarot and Breathwork with the brilliance of Equine Assisted Coaching.  

more on workshop below - keep reading!

Pathways to the Field: a Self Evolution Series

Pathways to the Field is a series of workshops which begin with the foundations, and lead you through to an indepth weekend experience. 

Pathways to the Field was born out of our deep desire to reconnect and re-establish who we are as women.  A desire to live consciously, in our RIGHT lives and to create mindful connections with both ourselves and others.  

April 29, 2023
April 30, 2023 

Half Day Women's Retreat

img-1324 - Copy.jpg

The Pathways to the Field half Day Women's Retreat is designed to give you an experiential introduction to the PTTF series of Women's Retreats.  It will give you the knowledge, understanding and tools to enable you to have the most transformative experience during the full day and/or weekend retreat, if you decide to go forward.
​And of course, horses!
​No horse experience required!
1p.m. - 5p.m.
$125 + hst

June 3, 2023

Full Day Women's Retreat

The Pathways to the Field Full Day Women's retreat is a life enhancing, truly transformational experience that will lead  you to profound healing and growth. Even though each of us are travelling our own paths, at some point those paths connect and we are blessed to join with other like-minded women in our search for greater meaning and presence in our lives.  This retreat is where those paths meet. Plus, with the guidance of our gifted teachers, the horses, you will discover pathways you didn’t know existed, and help you become your most courageous, authentic and joyful self. 
​No horse experience is necessary.


9a.m. - 5p.m. ( registration 8:30 )
$350 + hst

To attend this daylong you must have completed one of the foundational 1/2 day workshops.

July 8th - 9th 2023

​An Equine Guided Journey to Wholeness

The Pathways to the Field Weekend is a magical experience of horse wisdom and spiritual awakening. Please join us for this memorable weekend that will set the course of your life in a direction that will fire you up and have you jumping out of bed eager and excited about your day.
Experience the magic of horses and discover their secrets to living a life of grace, ease and peace interspersed with silliness and fun!
Connect with a small group of like-minded, adventure seeking and courageous women in a safe and welcoming space.

9 am Saturday till Sunday at 3 p.m.
Price: $825 + hst

To attend the weekend, you must have completed one of the foundational 1/2 day workshops.

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