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Host a class, or a workshop, or a retreat from my many offerings

  I create environments for participants to share in the Sacred. 

Workshops are grounded in movement and body awareness and uplifted into the expanded version of ourselves or creative consciousness.

They may include a  combination of yoga, meditation, breathwork, guided imagery.


We will work together to create memorable and transformative experiences!

Ceremony and Workshop

Elderhood workshops

Elderhood Workshops

​Do you want to bring together women who long to join in a deeper conversation about becoming older?

The complete Wisdom Years Program consists of 5 afternoon retreats workshops to explore the journey into elderhood for women 50+.  It offers deep introspection and weaves together practices such as yoga, meditation, and group discussion. 

You may choose one workshop, or plan all 5 over a designated timeline. 

     1)      Embracing Elderhood

     2)      Bringing Ageing from the Shadow into Light

     3)      Death Lodge

     4)      Create your Legacy:  Dreaming into the future

     5)      Elderhood: from Myth to reality

From Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind:

“Amanda has created a magnificent whole life experience for women facing the daunting challenge of aging gracefully. This could be a game changer in how we look at ourselves. Rather than being marginalized by the youth culture, this course helps you embrace the wide expanse of a lifetime, and all the wisdom and beauty that goes with it.”

Ceremony and Workshop

Meditation Classes

Mediation Classes and Retreats

Great for beginner with busy minds, and also for those who wish to deepen their meditation experience.

The benefit of mediation are vast including; increased happiness and decreased stress, increased vitality in cardiac and immune systems, improves concentration and focus, emotional development.  Meditation is a way for you to learn to cultivate the qualities of heart and mind that will allow you to become more presence by developing  a more accepting attitude to your ongoing experience of life. 


Join with others in the community and share in classic sitting mediation as well as gentle yoga asana and other mindful movement practices.   Amanda will guide you through the basics of meditation from posture to presence.  She will include teaching practices such as storytelling, and poetry,  answer your questions and help you get started, as well as encourage you to look deeper.

Ceremony and Workshop

Chakra Training

Chakra Training

Expert instruction on increasing vitality through the energy system.

The Chakra system in the yogic tradition is the map of how our Mind and Body is connected.  These interesting and experiential classes will sequentially explore the uniqueness and interconnectedness of each Chakra, and how awakening the Chakras can impact the body, mind and spirit.


Chose between a Meditative approach, or a movement Yoga flow, or both.


Chakra Flow Yoga which will explore energetic connections through bioenergetic exercises and yoga asana (postures) and Mantra. Poses will be slowly transitioned so there is time for deeper understanding of how these shapes influence energy flows.  

Ceremony and Workshop

Cocoa Ceremony

Experiential and Ceremony

Offer an experiential workshop including
Sacred Cocoa
Full Moon Ceremony
Holotropic Breathwork
Forest Bathing


Sacred Cocoa Ceremony Usually combined with the full moon or special astrological events a cacao ceremony combines ancient plant medicine with intention to support healing and growth.  When consumed in sufficient quantity and in the right setting cocoa offers opportunities for a deep heart opening.  It can gently expand our consciousness creating greater connection with inspiration, creativity and the spiritual. This evenings ceremony will include restorative yoga, chanting/singing, inner journeying and meditation.

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a safe method for entering into a non-ordinary state of consciousness for personal growth. It was developed by Stanislav Grof after psychedelics were made illegal. This profound method allows the participant to explore Reality from a more expanded perspective. 


Forest Bathing

Do you long for a deeper connection with nature? Perhaps you have never really "met' the woods. You have just been walking by. This workshop is a combination of meditation practice, foraging and herbalism. The intention is to create an energetic relationship with natural.  I will guide you and your guests through a gentle walking meditation to help you re-discover your connection with the land. 

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