Legacy: The Sacred Journey to Elderhood 

2019/20 Program Begins October 10

Finding that the present model for ageing not fit you?

                     Do you long to join in a deeper conversation about becoming older?


If you have answered Yes, then Legacy may be exactly what you have been looking for!  



Have you notice a huge shift is underway?   As your body begins to change away from the maternal realm you may be feeling another deeper journey ignited.  You may find yourself re-examining your life’s priorities and perspectives. 

​This shift can seem  fearful or surprising initially, and yet if you choose to work with it, it will become an opportunity to align you with what truly touches your heart. Everything will come up for review, even those previous desires and choices that have brought you much satisfaction and joy.    To embark on this sacred journey will take courage to confront both your fears and your dreams.  It will shift you towards deeper meaning, and a new domain of freedom.  

The Legacy Program is a 5 month journey for women 50+ and consists of a monthly retreat for deep introspection and an ongoing weekly share group, and weaves together practices such as yoga, meditation, and group discussion.   


Legacy Program offers explorations for your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Course Outline

So much to explore in, oh,  so little time!

Physical Practice

I believe the best physical practice for ageing is through mindful yoga and breath practices.  It is a complete package for maintaining health through this life change.  The weekly morning group will include a yoga practice with dynamic movements specifically for maintaining strength and flexibility.  (These groups will also include meditation, and group discussions) We will spend time each retreat to focus and learn an energy based yoga based on Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga.  This internal approach to the practice will bring new vitality to your body/mind.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The program begins with foundational meditation skills, and continues to cultivate mindfulness throughout.  Also meditation sessions will introduce more advanced techniques such as the Tibetan Compassion and Elemental Trainings.  These practices help to gently open the heart and release habituated blocks and patterns within the Mind. 

Attitudes and Beliefs

Group discussion and exploration will help you examine such topics as cultural attitudes and beliefs about ageing, your shifting roles and perspectives, redefining beauty and sexuality, realistic life goals vs the bucket list, Carl Jungs task list for Oldsters.

Awareness of Death

The program will include the conversation about the reality of your mortality.  The awareness of death is essential because it will push you to become serious about how to spend time more meaningfully.  One retreat will be based on the sacred Death Lodge, an ancient indigenous custom. This process asks you to forgive the past, express gratitude for those who have helped us, and bring forth your gifts. 

When you fall in love with a future that will extend far beyond that which you can be a part of,

then you will be ready to claim your personal contribution to the future; your Legacy.