At the Mindful Hub beginning March and April 2020

405B Nyberg Street, Kitchener, ON N2G 2Z1


519-277-8008 (text or call)

Journey to the Awakened Heart


These classes will provide an opportunity to deepen your connection with self and help you establish a heart-centered approach to life. Each week (over these 4 or 8 weeks) will offer a combination of wisdom teaching and meditation practices, breathing exercises and restorative yoga.  We will focus on practices for awakening the Spiritual heart such as Mindfulness, Tonglen (compassion practice), Metta (loving kindness practice), Equanimity (meditation for peace) Gratitude and Joy through guided Imagery.


  • Gently awaken to the power of your heart.

  • Learn new ways of relating to the challenges in your life.

  • Foster a more kind and loving perspective towards yourself and others.


Beginners and more experienced yogis and meditators are all welcome

Start date March 3 - March 24

4 classes


Start date April 7 - April 28

4 classes